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MOIS BSIS AI Camera System
Sale Points
1.AI Algorithm
2.Wide Angle View
3.Audible Warning
4.Visual Warning
5.Cyclist Detecting
6.Human Detecting
7.Vehicle Detecting
8.IP69K Waterproof
MOIS BSIS Blind Spot Detection Warning AI Camera System

Moving Off Information System (MOIS) & Blind Spot Information System (BSIS), the intelligent AI-based driving assistance system specifically design to improve truck and bus driving safely on the road.

MOIS meetsthe demanding standards of UN ECE R159, containing a 7inch monitor and a AIfront camera, and helps to warn the driver of possible collisions withpedestrians and cyclists in close-proximity to the front of the vehicle.

BSIS meetsthe standards of UN ECE R151, containing a LED sound and light alarm box, an AIside camera, an external sound and light alarm box, and helps to warn thedriver of possible collisions with Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) includingpedestrians and cyclists in the near side of the vehicle.

The Progressive Safe System includes:

● AI Camera Moving Off Information System(MOIS)
● AI Camera Blind Spot Information System (BSIS)
●7inch HD Monitor with visual and audiblealerts
● Visual and audio alarm for left turns
● Warning signage

Dangers of Large Vehicle Blind Spots

Largevehicles such as trucks, freight trucks, and buses have significant blindspots. When these vehicles are driving at high speeds and encountermotorcyclists changing lanes or pedestrians suddenly appearing during turns,accidents can occur easily.

Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection

It can detectbicycle/electric bicycle riders, pedestrians, and vehicles. Users can activateor deactivate the pedestrian and vehicle detection alert function at any time.(According to user preferences, the camera can be installed on the left, right,rear, or overhead position)

Alarm Display of External Voice Alarm Box

Whenpedestrians or vehicles are detected in the blind spot, a sound warning will beplayed to alert pedestrians or vehicles, and the red light will flash. Userscan choose to activate this function only when the left turn signal is turnedon

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