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USB industrial Endoscope
Sale Points
1.Operated without CD
2.Len pixel:640*480
3.Flexible tube 4.Len built-in 6pcs led
5.Led brightness adjustable
6.Power supply:USB Cable connecting to PC

This USB Inspection Camera use optoelectronic technology to investigate hard-to-reach area. It helps you to diagnose broken part, weld point and released parts easily to save time and increase productivity. You can just control the snapshot to image in JPEG format with 640 x 480 VGA resolutions.


It has built-in 4pcs LED light (with Brightness Control) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area. The 100cm Flexible tube is Waterproof with 7mm diameter, so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes. The USB Cable length is 2 m , so the total length is 3 m including handle.


This inspection camera has many applications including HVAC inspection, machine equipment, engine, cable routing, automotive / boat / aircraft inspection.




Operating without CD driver

Power provided by USB (No batteries required)

Snapshot Image in JPEG Format

30 fps Frame Rate

640 x 480 pixels VGA Resolution

Suitable for hard-to-reach inspection

f/2.8 Lens with 54° Viewable Angle and 6 cm (2.36 inch) to infinite focal distance

4 adjustable white LED lights for night vision

7 mm Waterproof camera head

Handheld Mini USB Endoscope

100cm Flexible Cable

Snapshot Button

PE covered cable with ABS handler

2 m  USB Cable

USB 2.0 Interface



PE covered cable with ABS Handle

Flexible cable neck with handler: 152cm

Flexible cable neck: 100 cm long

Flexible cable neck diameter: 6.3 mm

Camera head outer diameter: 7mm

4 adjustable White LED Lighting

Image Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

Lens: f/2.8

View of angle: 54°

Focal Distance: 6 cm ~ infinite

Frame Rate: 30 fps

USB Cable Length: 2 m (6.56 feet)

USB 2.0 Interface

Water Resistant Camera Head & Cable

Item Weight: approx. 414 g (14.6 oz) (excluding accessories)



1 x USB Endoscope

1 x Software CD (Compatible with Windows 7 )

1 x Instruction Manual

Standard Factory Package





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