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1080P GPS accident recorder
Sale Points
1.5 Mega pixels CMOS
2.120 degree lens
3.GPS logger function (Optional)
4.1080/720p output mode
5.Support Remote control
6.H.264 compression format
7.Built-in microphone and speaker
8.Up to 64G SDHC Card
1080 LCD,GPS Car black box

1080 LCD,GPS Car black box



• 1920 x 1080 30FPS FULL HD video resolution

• Loop recording

• USB data reader mode

• Wide vision angle 120 degree

• Support up to 32GB Micro SD card

• Vehicle engine started, video recording starts automatically.

• HDMI output, USB data reader mode available.

• Collision Data protection : when encounter heavy hit, the device will automatically protect the earliest and latest 3 files so they can't be deleted.

• Re-play video data via IR remote controller

• Infrared Laser pointer positioning: for checking the view angle

• Quick data deletion hole operation

• Stop voice recording function: press pause button of voice recording (1 minutes) it will stop voice record. After 1 minute, start voice record again.



5 Mega pixels CMOS



120 degree



10cm - infinity



Internal with antenna

3-5 sec to catch the signal


Video output

Mini HDMI Support 1080i/720p output mode



Recording  Mode Automatically start recording when the power supply, Automatic shut down with a custom menu delay when disconnecting the external power supply

Recording format

Mov-Reproduction by any player


Recording resolution

1920 x 1080(30fps) 1280 x 720(30fps)848 x 480(60fps)


Video Codec



Recording media

Micro Card (Up to 64G SDHC Card)



Built-in microphone and speaker. Microphone mute function(hot button joystick left, shutting down and re-inclusion is also possible during recording)


Laser LED Light


Package Contents:
1*1 Car DVR
1*1 Charger
1*1 Control
1*1 AV Cable



Software Interface


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